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When we created 123zero, we found ourselves at a crossroads. How to preserve the advantages of existing shampoo forms in a creative and efficient way while also overcome their limits? We dared to step outside of conventional frames and designes a new cosmetic product in a half-solid, marble shape.

Join the aware and responsible community and decrease the usage of single use packaging. Use hair and body marbles that are nourishing without leaving a trace in the environment.

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123zero for wholesome care.

No BHT ◦ No EDTA ◦ No parabens ◦ No artificial colourings or fragrances ◦ No silicones◦ No BTA ◦ No aggressive foaming agents

At the right spot.

123zero is produced at one site in Slovenia. Every marble is hand made and we preserve freshness by producing small batches.

Without plastic.
Less water.
Lower carbon footprint.
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