Your story.

Cosmetics for your accomodation.

Add 123zero cosmetic products to your selection of local and sustainable products.

Offer your guests a high quality, sustainable Slovenian hair and body shampoo and avoid half empty, plastic packaging.

Without unnecessary stocks.

We don't want you piling up excessive amount of shampoo, generating additional costs.

Based on a preliminary analysis of occupied vacancies, the guests will be greeted in their room by the exact number of 123zero marbles they will need during their stay. One marble corresponds perfectly with one hair or body washing, making them 100% efficient.

Advantages for the

Natural ingredients and biodegradable packaging of 123zero products will make it easier to fulfil the criteria for an ecologically friendly accommodation.

You will be taking care of the environment all while meeting the increasing expectations of attentive and sustainably aware guests.

You will only need to store the necessary quantities of products, since we guarantee fresh products and zero waste by regular delivery.

We decreased the consumption of water by 60% with our dry marble design. Natural and local ingredients as well as Slovenia-based production of marbles contribute to the decrease of energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Carefully selected, high quality natural ingredients in 123zero marbles provide efficient care as well as a hydrating and calming effect. For all hair and skin types.

Care in ecologic packaging.

123zero marbles packaging is made from invasive plants that grow in Slovenia.

We developed this cutting-edge, innovative packaging and completely biologically degradable paper in cooperation with the Pulp and Paper Institute.

Collaboration is a confirmation of our good work.

123zero is not just a product, it is a movement, a long-term goal and a philosophy, created by a team of experts.

Our research, work and efforts are rewarded when we form new partnerships for a good cause.

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