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Take care of yourself and of the future of our planet. Live a simple, but quality life.

123zero are Slovenian hair care and skin care products that come in a new, semi-solid marble shape. Made from natural ingredients, whilst being respectful of nature.


The shampoo intensely nourishes the hair and keeps it clean longer.


The body scrub renews the skin and restores its moisture balance.


Hand soap is thoroughly cleans, gently disinfects and nourishes the hands.

Strictly natural.

The 123zero line swears by quality.

The products are natural and nourishing, made with respect for the environment. Artificial fragrances are replaced by essential oils and instead of parabens, natural preservatives are used.

Completely sustainable.

Because we are thinking about the future, we are taking action today.

Because we are thinking about the future, we are taking action today. In the industry, only 9% of plastics get recycled, since it is not easy to recycle. In our family, there is no place for plastics. It is replaced by a bottle that you can reuse (in a number of ways: ) in the kitchen, as decoration on your desk ...

Zero waste Marbles, revolutionising the way cosmetics is made and used.

Back to nature.

123zero products contain only natural ingredients, which are used in a respectfully.

More than thousand years ago in today's land of India, people discovered that herbal extracts are very efficient for cleaning and nourishing the body. It was then that we started thinking about hygiene and body care for the first time. The first hard soaps dried the hair quickly and so, liquid shampoos with added artificial ingredients were invented and stored in plastic packaging. Over time, we added sulfates on top of that for more efficient washing and parabens to preserve the products for longer. Little was left from what the indigenous people had been making from natural herbs.

No plastics, No water.

123zero strongly refuses plastics. We offer you our product in a better, cleaner, glass packaging.

In the past, soap used to be wrapped in paper, fragrance would come in glass bottles and cosmetic products were stored in cans or glasses. Today, plastic packaging in cosmetic industry is a global issue. More than 120 billion units are produced per year and most of it is non-degradable, which means it will stay in the nature for hundreds of years. Another issue is massive water consumption, with 4 million liters of water being wasted every day during production. With 123zero products, we decreased water consumption by 60%.

No BHT ◦ No EDTA ◦ No parabens ◦ No artificial colourings or fragrances ◦ No silicones◦ No BTA ◦ No aggressive foaming agents

Natural, Local.

Every single part of 123zero products is an integral part of nature and does not harm it.

Our products will nourish and inspire you, while taking you on a unique experience and offer you ideas for reusage.

Local oils are hydrating and nourishing, algae keeps your hair strong, while vegetable butters provide the silky feel.

We are introducing a new category of packaging. Our marbles are stored in glass containers, which can be reused multiple times.

The beautifully balanced rosemary and mint essential oils result in a fresh, neutral aroma – without artifical fragrances.

8M tonnes of plastics end up in the ocean every year.

This is us.

We are cosmetics experts, scientists and specialists on a mission to implement our vision of the future of society. We are speaking to you because you are able to see sophistication in simplicity and nature.

We have become part of EIT Climate – KIC Accelerator – Regional Innovation Scheme Edition: the biggest European initiative for sustainable and environmentally friendly tech and innovative startups. We are part of the Climate KIC Benelux and Cli programme for startups for plastic waste prevention and chemical recycling. In 2019, we were one of the top 10 finalists at the European Social Innovation Competition 2019.


We are consistent supporters of human rights and we believe that everyone can find their spot under the sun. This includes a fullfilling job that enables you professional and personal growth.


Working for the community means accepting responsibility. First towards ourselves, our local community and towards the environment. We are responsibly contributing to the sustainable development of the company and society.


For us, being fair does not mean being open and respectful only to our clients, but also to our co-workers, suppliers, producers, partners, community, and society. This is the pillar of our business.

Martin Leban


We can only create 123zero together. Share with us your thoughts after using our products and tell us what could be improved. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Anja Pajntar

Lead Engineer


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